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Exploring Large Format Printing for Signage

Exploring Large Format Printing for Signage

If your business relies on digital prints and uses an excess amount of digital marketing materials – or frequently prints large items, large format printing is for you. In recent evolving years, the rise of technology advances and increased demand for creativity has made large format printers the go-to for various prints, including signage.

This is incredibly useful for businesses who want to expand their reach and marketing with some larger-than-life eye catching advertising.

Still indecisive about it? Take a look at the list below: 

1. Offers all-around options across various applications due to its capability to produce prints of significant size on a wide range of materials.

Material variety:
Able to handle a diverse range of materials beyond paper including vinyl, canvas, fabric, mesh and more.
Indoor & Outdoor use: Artwork prints are adaptable for both indoor and outdoor settings, featuring a variety of weather-resistance materials and UV-resistant inks are used to enhance durability and longevity, protecting prints against the elements.
Customisation: In terms of size, shape and finish – whether the need for a large banner; signage for a trade show; vehicle wraps or even wall murals, the size and design possibilities are extensive.

2. High quality is a hallmark of large format printing, ensuring crisp details, vibrant colours, and precise reproduction of intricate designs.

Visual Impact: The visibility holds an important aspect of the prints, and with high-quality it ensures vibrant colours, sharp details and smooth gradients that enhance the visual appeal of signage. Have a look at the sleek signage we recently produced for our neighbours, Novo Pizza.
Professionalism: The clarity and precision of high-quality prints enhance the professional image and meticulousness of the brand or message being conveyed.
Brand Representation: Crisp, clear prints help uphold and support brand consistency and integrity, effectively reinforcing the brand identity and messaging. 

3. Cost-effectiveness in large format printing refers to achieving high-quality results while optimizing expenses, ensuring value for money in visual communication and marketing efforts.

Affordability: Caters for economical production of large-scale prints compared to traditional methods, making it feasible for businesses of all sizes.
Sustainability: Some printing techniques provide environmentally friendly options that reduce environmental impact without compromising cost-efficiency.
Durability: Utilising cost-effective materials and inks ensures prints withstand outdoor conditions, maintaining their quality and longevity over time.

Large format printing offers businesses a powerful tool to expand their marketing reach. By considering these factors – and choosing signage that works for you and your business, you can ensure that your large format signage meets your expectations in terms of quality, durability, accessible experiences and visual impact.

For a quote on your personalised signage, get in touch with our prepress team.

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