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3 Ways to Market Your Business with Custom Stickers

3 Ways to Market Your Business with Custom Stickers

Marketing with stickers is something you’ve most likely seen somewhere – if not everywhere. From laptops to street signs, cars and water bottles, they have been a staple for decades, and utilised by numerous major brands as part of their marketing strategy. A notable example is Apple – known for including their iconic Apple logo decal that comes with every first-hand purchase. 

Considering this? Here are our top three ways to incorporate your customised stickers in your business:

Distribute at Events :
Handing out stickers at events is a highly effective marketing strategy that can leave a lasting impression on attendees as it encourages engagement and word-of-mouth promotion. Custom stickers serve as tangible representations of your brand. They offer people a memorable takeaway they can use to decorate personal items that increases brand visibility and fosters a connection with other potential customers. By strategically distributing stickers at related events – to your industry or target audience, you can effectively reach a concentrated group of individuals who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

Brand Your Packaging:
Adding custom stickers to your packaging adds the personal touch. It’s a way to enhance your product presentation and reinforce your brand identity – but also gives customers a tangible item to remember your brand. The packaging encourages customers to share photos of your products on social media, spreading brand awareness organically that inevitably serves as a subtle yet effective marketing tool. By incorporating custom stickers on your packaging, you create a cohesive and professional look that sets your product apart from competitors. Have a look at some of the custom packaging we produced for Unit43 Distilling Co here.

Seasonal or Limited Edition Stickers :
Creating seasonal or limited edition decals offer a creative and engaging way to promote your brand. It not only brings about more excitement and participation from new and existing customers, but caters to the feeling of importance and exclusivity that encourages engagement with your brand on a regular basis. These can be launched for holidays, seasons, and special events relevant to your customers. 

Tip: Create limited edition stickers that serve as collectables and encourage repeat purchases!

Using customised stickers in your business strategy enhances the marketing efforts of your brand. Whether used as a standalone marketing tool or part of a larger strategy, custom stickers can be a fun and versatile way to promote your business effectively.

Need custom stickers for your packaging or marketing campaigns? Get in touch with our prepress team.

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