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Floor Decals for Creative Advertising

Floor Decals for Creative Advertising

Floor decals have become a captivating form of creative advertising, turning overlooked or unused spaces into prime real estate for brand messaging. Here are our top 4 reasons to use floor advertising.

High Visibility:
Floor decals offer a unique angle that captures the attention of passersby in crowded environments. Placed correctly, in high-traffic areas, they ensure maximum exposure for your brand message.

Creative Flexibility:
Design possibilities are endless with floor advertising. Brands can incorporate eye-catching elements, and experiment with colour and shapes to achieve their campaign objectives and engaging experiences.

Floor decals can be applied to almost any surface, from tile, concrete and outdoor pavements. Whether in retail stores, airports, trade shows, or event venues, they adapt seamlessly to different spaces and advertising needs.

Compared to large format advertising, floor decal printing offers cost-effective solutions for reaching a broad audience. With low production and installation costs, businesses can achieve high visibility and engagement on a tight budget.

By leveraging unused floor space, you can leave a lasting impression and enhance brand recall among target audiences. 

Floor decals are completely customisable at The Printing Press, we can help you with both design and print (in a variety of sizes). Order online here or email our prepress team for advice on how to get started > info@theprintingpress.co.za.


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