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Getting Started with Greeting Card Printing

In this digital age, the timeless charm of a physical greeting card still holds a special place in our hearts. The personal touch behind a well-designed card makes it a cherished keepsake that many of us will hold on to for a long time.

Whether you’re crafting a card for a special occasion or simply expressing your sentiments, we’ll walk you through the process.

Greeting Card Design Basics

  • Theme; define the purpose of your card. Is it for a birthday, wedding or a holiday greeting? This will guide your design elements. 
  • Colour; choose a harmonious colour combination that compliments the occasion. Keep in mind that high contrast colour palettes improve legibility. 
  • Typography; choose fonts that are easy to read and that match the tone of your message. Play with size and style to create visual interest.
  • Imagery; use relevant photographs or graphics that enhance the theme / occasion. Make sure they are high-resolution for a professional finish.
  • Personalisation; consider creating a custom illustration or doodle to add a personal touch.

Print your Personalised Cards

  1. Once your design is finalised, upload your artwork here. We print all postcards and greeting cards on a high-quality and durable cardstock. 
  1. Choose between a matt and gloss laminate, or opt for no laminate. 
  1. Select your quantity and check-out! We deliver within 1-3 working days.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply sending out a heartfelt holiday greeting, the combination of thoughtful design and professional printing services can turn your vision into a cherished keepsake.

If you need some prepress advice before getting started, feel free to contact our team info@theprintingpress.co.za.

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